Qui sommes-nous ?

What is TOTEM

✏️TOTEM, was launched by 3 old friends, Rafaël, Stefan & Pierre, who dream of changing how we work by helping companies build human-centric culture around healthy cafeterias ✌️
✏️TOTEM raised a 1M€ Seed Round with Samaipata and counts 28 employees.
✏️To know more about it, Challenges, 1001 Startups, BFM Business & Forbes & are talking of us!

TOTEM: Smart Office Breaks to Unleash Your Team's Energy, Everyday

👉From 10 to 2000+ employees, TOTEM builds top notch modular cafeterias (custom made shelves, fridge, ipad, coffee machines, water dispenser ...) & delivers each week healthy snacks 🌰 organic fruits 🍍 coffee & tea ☕️ & drinks and fresh products!
👉Control each cafeteria in every office/floor that you have in one app & make your employees love you!
👉TOTEM is the place where happy employees gather. The best place to have energy to kick the day and make your dream projects come true!

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