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What is TOTEM

✏️TOTEM, was launched by 3 old friends, Rafaël, Stefan & Pierre, who dream of changing how we work by helping companies build human-centric culture around healthy self-service stores ✌️
✏️TOTEM raised a 4M€ Seed Round with Maki Ventures & Samaipata and counts 30 employees.
✏️To know more about it, Challenges, 1001 Startups, BFM Business & Forbes & are talking of us!

TOTEM: Smart Office Breaks to Unleash Your Team's Energy, Everyday

👉From 10 to 2000+ employees, TOTEM builds top notch modular stores (custom made shelves, fridge, ipad, coffee machines, water dispenser ...) & delivers each day healthy snacks 🌰 organic fruits 🍍 coffee & tea ☕️ & drinks and fresh products!
👉Control each stores in every office/floor that you have in one app & make your employees love you!
👉TOTEM is the place where happy employees gather. The best place to have energy to kick the day and make your dream projects come true !

Descriptif du poste

TOTEM is a technology company since DAY 1. Founders are 3 engineers from Ecole Polytechnique & Centrale Paris, that had customer experience & process automation in mind at the very beginning of the company. Technology is at the core of TOTEM’s DNA, and we believe it's a required competitive advantage.

TOTEM has different products:

  • TOTAPP is our native mobile app for employees. It makes it easy for employees to request & adapt the quantities of the products they’d love to see in their cafeteria, and order products for themselves to be delivered in less than 1 hour. This app also allows them to pay in our on-site stores, and check products availability.

  • TOTEND and TOTOPS are our administration applications (web, and native mobile app). They leverage hardware & software to fully automate the logistic supply chain processes of warehouses, from end to end : products which needs to be bought, received, checked, added in racks, bundled to be delivered to our customers or our other wharehouses. We use connected cart and our own app to have 0% errors on orders preparation and lots of technical solutions to improve traceability and having a full control over the operations. We aim at making this product a reference for warehouse management for the next decades to come.

What does a Lead Tech do at TOTEM ?

One mission : lead our technical team to excellence and beyond

We like to describe our job openings with TOTEM’s 6 CORE VALUES:

MAKE IT & OWN IT: you're in charge of the tech standards of the tech team, you're the expert everybody knows they can trust. You're building our products to last, to be reliable, and make sure any new technical member of the team can jump in and be productive.

UNLEASH THE ARTIST: anytime you want, you shall have a break at the TOTEM and discuss to other team members to get new ideas, new insights, get a better understanding of the vision, the needs and the knowledge we had gather as a team.

MAKE IMPACT POSITIVELY EVERYDAY: everyday you will wake up and be considered as equal with everybody, as long as you care and you dare to move things, break them sometimes, but always going forward and pouring positive energy to the team.

TOGETHER NO LIMITS: you are part of a bigger team. Your team can move buildings, but with the help of everyone else, we move cities, countries and more importantly, we pour our vision to the world : create better interactions at work and give back their time to our users.

ROOT YOURSELF: you are very talented. You've been cracking technical problems for a long time. You master a lot of hard skills as well as soft skills such as communication, autonomy, kindness, empathy and so on. While being such a rock star, remember to stay humble, and find the balance that will keep you (and the rest of the team) out of messy troubles.

BE A SOLUTION: you will sometimes need to step up and tell the team there is a better way, and lead them. At Totem we love when our team members tackle the problems they see instead of reporting them.

Our Technical Stack

  • React and React-Native (Expo) for our front-end
  • Typescript, Jest and Cypress for rock-solid products
  • GraphQL & Apollo for our data layers
  • NodeJS and serverless for our back-end & APIs
  • MongoDB & PostGreSQL for our databases
  • Styled-component for CSS styling
  • Kubernetes, Kubeless & Docker for infrastructure
  • Github for repositories & CI/CD
  • Sentry & Kibana for logging
  • Asana for product management

Profil recherché

We are looking for top engineers that already have a strong experience in the technical field. You will work as a fullstack developper and be in charge of helping your fellow developpers grow: you set up code standards, best practices, you're the one choosing which technology to add to our products. It will imply commitment, patience, rigor & also a fine dose of fun. If you already had a 1st work experience in a Tech Startup, it’s a plus!


  • You understand business logics & you see technology as a mean and not an end.
  • You love to understand the internals of libraries you're using, and you're able to explain them to your teammates
  • You're eager to teach, and help people
  • You have strong knowledge of server code and APIs through Node.js or equivalent
  • You have a strong knowledge of React (and React Native)
  • You've already worked on projects using GraphQL and Apollo (or Relay)
  • You are experienced with Typescript
  • You already worked with agile workflows such as kibana or scrum or equivalent.
  • You know how mongoDB / postgreSQL work
  • You are confortable with DevOps aspects


  • You love tech
  • You love people that do tech
  • You love to deeply understand how things work, and then to explain and teach how they work.
  • Good quality in your work matters to you
  • You are project oriented
  • You thrive in a team, you can interact with people easily
  • You love to learn and you do it fast

Why should you apply ?

  • TOTEM is at a key stage of evolution, you’ll have growth and opportunities guaranteed
  • Your work will have great impact on the company, you will literally feel it!
  • 360 company that handle hardware, software, physical operations, sales & marketing, and account management : you will learn a LOT!
  • We give equity to every employees, look at our awesome article about it!
  • Opportunity to work in a large (1600 meters squared) & sexy warehouse in Pantin, right next to the Canal de l'Ourcq
  • We already have standards for remote work, but you still want to spend some quality time in person with your teammates
  • Free Snacks and coffee at our TOTEM ;-)
  • Healthcare made easy with Alan
  • Payrolls & Holidays made easy with Payfit

Process de recrutement

Easy to understand & respect everyone, these are our values when it comes to recruting process.

  • (30’) Screening Call: let’s meet each other!
  • (2h) Technical Fit Interviews Onsite with 2 members of the team
  • (2h) Home Technical Test
  • (2h) Founders Talk + Cultural Fit Interview (w/ beer)

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Date de début : 14 septembre 2020
  • Lieu : Pantin, France (93500)
  • Niveau d'études : Bac +5 / Master
  • Expérience : > 4 ans
  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • Salaire : entre 65000€ et 77000€ / an